The Four Directions

analog, landscape, plants

Phudd Hill

analog, animals, landscape, plants

Hawthorne Valley Farm

animals, food, landscape

Saugeen River CSA

analog, animals, food, landscape, plants, travel

Cultivate Kansas City

food, landscape, plants

The Land of Enchantment

landscape, travel

Spring Landscapes

analog, landscape, news, plants

Winter Foraging

landscape, plants

Ann Arbor

analog, landscape, travel

Outstanding in the Field

analog, event, landscape

More Oklahoma Foraging

food, landscape, plants

Farm dreams in black and white

analog, animals, landscape, portraits

Farm dreams, in color

analog, animals, food, landscape, plants, portraits

Oklahoma Foraging

food, landscape, plants

Waynoka on film

analog, documentary, landscape

I pledge allegiance to Waynoka

animals, food, landscape, travel

Oklahoma Wildcrafting Spring Walk

food, landscape, plants

(Twenty-Eleven B-sides) Gold Teeth by candlelight

food, landscape, travel

(Twenty-Eleven B-sides) We saw rain in the desert

food, landscape, travel

Arkansas, you have my heart (and I don’t want it back)

landscape, music, travel

Cerro Santa Lucía

landscape, travel

Cerro Blanco

landscape, travel

Los Leones

landscape, portraits, travel

Cousiño Macul Winery

landscape, travel