Roots and Wings

After volunteering for a day on the farm at Angelic Organics, I extended my stay in Illinois so I could get a little more insight into the wide variety of farm-based educational programming they offer at the Learning Center.  It just so happened that the week I visited was “fun week” for the Rockford kids who are part of the “Roots and Wings” program.  As a reward for all their hard work over the summer growing food for their local community, they planned a whole week full of field trips and events.   On Wednesday I got to see them finish up their last CSA harvest from the beautiful gardens at the Tinker Swiss Cottage before they took a field trip to learn about aquaponics.  On Thursday, I joined them for a field trip out at the “big farm” where they were eager to meet the animals and prepare their own lunch:  salad they harvested from the fields themselves and calzones baked in the learning center’s beautiful earthen oven.  They even made their 0wn cheese!

I was so impressed with everything they have going on at this place.  The staff are so knowledgeable, kind, energetic and hospitable.  I hope I get to go back sometime, for a longer visit.