Ann Arbor

After I attended the North American Biodynamic conference this past November in Madison, I headed east to my old high school stomping grounds in Michigan to visit some of my dearest friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in many years.  Davy and I spent a beautiful, unplanned day enjoying the peaceful weather outdoors and each other’s company.  After winding along the scenic Huron River Drive from Dexter to Ann Arbor, we couldn’t resist the urge to get out of the car and walk around for a while.  With Davy’s help I figured out how to trick my Canon AE-1 Program into doing double exposures, and these are the result.

I donated some prints of these images to a fundraiser called Ringa Singa that will take place tonight at Mainsite gallery in Norman.  I visited Rose Rock School almost two years ago, and was very touched by what I witnessed.  On the day I visited, the children and their teachers baked bread together, shared a meal around a beautiful table, and planted seeds in their garden.  The children, even the youngest ones, proudly identified to me the plants growing there.  That day, my interest in Waldorf style education was sparked, and I would have to count that among the important experiences that led me to pursue the path I’m following now.