Farm dreams, in color

Some 35mm shots from a mixed bag of film from earlier this summer when it was smokin hot outside.  Come to think of it, this was way back in June.  It sure takes me a long time to get these images from the real world of dust and decay into the giant floating consciousness of the internet.  But the truth is, it’s not just the exponentially longer workflow of film that’s keeping me relatively quiet on this channel.  A large part of why I’ve slowed down on my web publishing is that most of my creative energy has been channeled into my new (old) camera, which you’ll hear about as soon as I can put it down long enough to write about it.

Anyhow – this past spring when I went out to visit my young farmer friend Rachel, I was pretty heartbroken after I lost almost all the pictures I took to a corrupted memory card.  I guess it’s incredibly lucky that in all my years of shooting digitally – eight years, to be exact – I had never before suffered any kind of file loss that I didn’t have back ups for.  All the same, I didn’t have the heart to use my digital camera for a while after that happened.  So when I went to visit Rach in June, I left the fancy stuff at home and took my old Canon AE-1 Program along for the day.  These are from the color film I shot that day.  Some of it was really old and produced slightly funky colors, but now that Instagram has made that cool, I don’t try too hard to fix it.  Just looking at these makes me smile again – I have some sweet, sweet friends living in the world.