Jes and Marshall

When I decided last fall to stop taking wedding and portrait clients, it was a big change of direction for me, but I feel confident I made the right decision.  However, I had to make one exception for an old friend of mine who has always been incredibly supportive of my photography.  In fact, I think a lot of the most prolific times for me before I finished school were inspired and encouraged by the musicians and poets that Jes rallied together wherever she went during her days in Norman.  She and Marshall did a lot to create supportive environments for people to share what they were working on, facilitating poetry readings, concerts, and gatherings in packed living rooms as well as the infamous “Universe City” open mic nights.  I have a lot of fond memories of the creative flowering of that time and feel a debt of gratitude to those two for helping bring so many people together.  So congrats to Jes and Marshall who are celebrating their one month anniversary today!

*An update for those of you who take interest in Jes’s beautiful wedding dress – you can see pictures of her mother and grandmother getting married in the same dress decades ago and hear the stories behind it here.