Waynoka on film

I’ve been enjoying working on film lately.  It takes longer, to be sure, and it ain’t cheap, but there is something irresistible to me about the way the film has its own aesthetic language and vulnerabilities.  I also like that it forces me to give up a considerable amount of control, especially when I’m blindly layering exposures with this little toy camera I’ve been using lately.   My aesthetics when I shoot digitally are for the most part pretty rigid, so it’s nice to be surprised by what ends up on the captures, and it takes me back to the days when the results of everything I shot was a surprise.  Come to think of it, I think that’s what I liked so much about photography in the first place, before I learned to do anything on purpose… all those happy accidents.  Check out my flickr page if you’d like to see larger resolution versions of Waynoka on film