I pledge allegiance to Waynoka

For those of you who don’t know, I work at Ludivine, OKC’s first and finest farm-to-table restaurant.  We recently took a staff trip out to Waynoka to see where a lot of the animals we serve in the restaurant are raised.  In town, we got to witness some of the festivities for the annual Snake Hunt and were generously hosted by Dieter & crew at Cafe Bahnhof, where we enjoyed an incredible meal and some beautiful weather in what is probably Oklahoma’s best biergarten.   Then we took a tour of Walnut Creek Farm and met the animals, including the new baby lambs and pigs!  I have a lot of respect and gratitude for the way they farm out there.   I have appreciated the food for quite some time now, but it took it to another level to see where it all starts with my own eyes.  If you’ve ever enjoyed a lamb burger or a Mangalitsa dish or anything with an egg in it at Ludivine, you likely have Walnut Creek to thank for making that meal possible.  Serious love for people who produce food with integrity… this is real life, y’all.  Accept no substitutes.