Jasmine and Robbie (1 of 3)

I met Jasmine and Robbie through the community of sweet people who hang around and work at Gray Owl Coffee in Norman.  I was never actually an employee there, but I did work on my schoolwork and photography there all the time, from when it opened late in 2009 until I moved to Oklahoma City earlier in the fall of this year.  In fact, I have to say that during that time there were probably more days I went to Gray Owl than days that I didn’t go.  Part of the draw to that place, for me, aside from the excellent coffee and chill atmosphere, was the fact that I was guaranteed to see a friend every time I went in, because I loved every one of those folks who worked behind the counter.  That place was a magnet for sweet, creative, funny people who love life, and I have a lot of happy memories of mornings, afternoons and nights spent at that coffeeshop.

Because I’ve come to love all those people so much – really, they are like a little family – it was such a pleasure to photograph Jasmine and Robbie’s wedding.  To me, it felt a lot like those times at the Owl when hours would go by flying by because I was so enjoying the company of those people – only this time, something a lot more special was happening, and the wedding festivities lasted two days straight!  Isn’t that how they used to do things?  I think they were onto something.