Behind the scenes of work in progress

One of my dearest friends is currently on a plane to Morocco, after a whirlwind of shooting on her documentary over the last few weeks.  Throughout the course of assisting her in this work, I have been so deeply moved by the stories and perspectives we’ve heard from every person we’ve come into contact with, and find myself wide-eyed and grateful every day that I have the opportunity to help a friend with such a worthy project.  Amina is an absolute powerhouse and has put so much time and effort over the last six to seven months making this idea into a reality, and I am so happy to be able to support someone who, in turn, has shown me so much love and support over the years.  The next month and a half will find us worlds apart but working still on this project, which we hope to show to public eyes this fall… until then, I’d like to share a few behind the scenes photos, and my excitement in anticipation of the work to come.